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Meet our trustees, partners and team members

Helen Garnett

Hello there, I'm Helen, Chair Trustee and founder of FTLOG, gospel choir leader, a wife to a wonderful supportive husband and mother to four incredible adult children.

I am extremely passionate about the power of gospel music to change lives and communities.

Being a professional musician, vocalsist and music facilitator of some 35 years, I myself have first hand experience of its ability to touch people's souls. Gospel Music brought me out of a very dark period in my life and I made it my mission to share my testimony and joy through my talents, gifts and experiences in the hope that others may experience the power of a love of gospel, it's message and it's good news. We look forward to being faithful to our calling and delivering gospel music projects here in the North of England and beyond. We thrive on collaboration, networking and putting community the heart of all we do. I'm extremely thankful for an amazing team of dedicated passionate people in our charity family, who are dedicated to bringing gospel music to the masses.   

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Helen Garnett

Jeannette Robinson

Hi, my name is Jeannette and I am honoured to be a trustee and secretary for this inspiring charity. 

I am married  with 1 grown up daughter, 4 grown up stepchildren. And 8 grandchildren one of whom lives with us as we are his special guardians. 

I am a retired Police Officer of 32 years service and a very busy Foster Carer to some special children who need looking after. Through my Policing career and fostering I have worked closely with disadvantaged communities developing social resolutions to targeted issues and delivering trauma informed care and support to children and families. 

I have first hand experience of the power of music and the positive personal impact on young people and the communities they live in. Encouraging self esteem, pride, a sense of purpose and pure joy where darkness and hardship have prevailed. 
I have sung in groups and choirs most of my life and I'm excited be part of For The Love of Gospel's journey. In particular to see upcoming projects, offer young people access to this genre of music and its powerful influence.

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Paul Hastie

My name is Paul Hastie and proud to be a trustee and treasurer of For The Love Of Gospel .I am married with two grown up children.

I have 37 years accountancy experience working in an accounts office and I have also had experience doing book-keeping for a charity in the past. I'm passionate about community through music and look forward to seeing the fruits of the charity. 

My love of gospel music stems from watching my wife who is a member of the fabulous East Yorkshire based G-Choir.

Paul Hastie

Paul Garnett

Hi there and I'm Paul and proud to be a trustee of this amazing charity. I support the charity in their endeavour to be portable in its mission. Being a time served engineer, and a health and safety officer I offer advice on the equipment needed along with practicalities of facilitation the many workshops we provide. I also act as a roadie and transport manager helping with everyday logistics. I have many years experience and I'm a great problem solver, I thrive on overcoming obstacles that can often crop up in music performance. I look forward to seeing the mission grow.  

Paul Garnett

Hinks Benstead

Hi, my name's Anne-Marie, and I'm very happy to be part of the team - supporting the mission with communications across social media platforms.

I'm passionate about singing gospel and belong to several choirs.

With a background in brand impact and quality, along with many years involved in training teams of people across the globe, I'm experienced in delivering information in ways that are designed to be eye-catching and memorable.

I am very much looking forward to bringing my skills to the table in support of the aims and vision of For The Love of Gospel.

Anne-Marie Hinks Benstead

Mark Walker

Hi my name's Mark and I am the charity's Musical advisor and band Musical Director.

I am a professional musician and musical director working in the music industry as a keyboard player, drummer and bass guitarist

I have worked with many artists in my 35 year career. Artists such as The Jacksons, Eternal, Corine Bailey-Ray, West Life and many more, in a touring capacity.

I have many years in the gospel world and strong connections, along with being an active member of the worship band in my own church.

I have worked with many gospel artist and choirs and I'm proud to be advising and supporting For The Love Of Gospel in an authentic approach. I believe in the power of gospel music in its ability to make great things happen.

Mark Walker

Jan Clark

Hi, I'm Jan, and I'm thrilled to be involved with this wonderful charity and advise on all things safeguarding.

I'm married with two amazing grown-up children who we love spending time with. I have years of experience working in childcare settings where I was 1st point of contact for Safeguarding whilst working for my local education authority. I'm now retired but have never been busier! I can't imagine a life without music. Being a member of many choirs - including a gospel choir - I can say with confidence that music and singing are truly life changing! I'm so excited to see the ongoing potential of this charity realised and to see Gospel music change lives.


James Groves

My name is James and I’m the Production Manager for FTLOG. I’ve spent many years working in the entertainment industry, sound engineering and providing PA systems for a number of acts including Sheridan Smith, Billy Ocean, Michael Ball and Tony Hadley. I have a strong faith and an absolute love for music and feel its an absolute honour to make the many singers and productions we support, sound their very best. I love to see the projects and enjoy the diversity of the projects we are involved with along with the joy it brings to many people


Melissa Pullen

Greetings, I'm Melissa, a proud member of the For The Love of Gospel social media team. My deep-rooted passion for music and singing has been a lifelong journey, beginning with my teenage years performing in bands and as a solo artist, extending through my late thirties. Today, I proudly hold the role of a soprano singer with G Choir.

While I was born into the Christian faith, my connection to gospel music truly flourished in my later years. Being a part of For The Love of Gospel has opened doors for me to not only share music, concert updates, and choir information from across the UK and Europe but also to delve deeper into the enchanting world of gospel music. This platform has introduced me to a diverse array of talented artists and musicians, enriching my musical journey in profound ways.

Moreover, during challenging times, For The Love of Gospel has been a source of solace and strength. Beyond my involvement in this wonderful community, I lead a fulfilling life as a married stepmother. My daytime profession involves working with a dedicated hospital referrals team, a role that brings me immense satisfaction. My heart brims with love for my job, music, singing, and the beautiful tapestry of life itself.

Melissa Pullen

Hannah Leach

I'm Hannah, and in my current role as Lead Lay Chaplain for 15 schools across Lincolnshire, I work closely with Head Teachers and staff to deliver chaplaincy services to all of our young people in the trust. I oversee a team of chaplains who work directly with the schools, and I love supporting them in this role to help our young people explore their values and develop meaningful connections.

We facilitate this in various ways, including day retreats, assemblies, large-scale events, classroom discussions, and leading music for prayer and worship with all staff and students. 

My passion for music and its ability to unite people and bring joy is a significant part of my life. I'm a proud member of G Choir, and it has been a wonderful blessing.

I'm eagerly looking forward to contributing to the growth and success of FTLOG in schools and being our schools liaison officer 

hannah leach

Liz Lindsey

Hi, I’m Liz I love singing and have the pleasure of singing in choirs for one of my hobbies.

I am excited to join the team of For The Love of Gospel. I currently work in the healthcare sector and also run my own business as a Celebrant. I have had previous experience and success in project management. 

I will be working as part of the team in sourcing funding and creating funraising activities.

I am looking forward to being part of the journey to help people access music and bringing the joy and creativity  into everyone’s lives.

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