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Our Charity is raising awareness of the benefits of singing gospel music and inspirational songs by encouraging participation across the whole of the UK. We encourage aspiration through involvement in gospel music, regardless of age, culture, faith or gender. We want to share the love of gospel music and its message.

We want to bring people and communities together through workshops, concerts, performances and shared gospel experiences. Our aim is to create a sense of unity, togetherness and community through being together in song and musical education.

We also aim to create cohesion and collaboration amongst the many gospel choirs that exist here in the UK by developing, nurturing and supporting through our many years of experience and networking. We also hope to provide bursaries to develop musical ability and personal development for facilitators and students. We do this in sending experienced music facilitators and gospel choirs to various establishments and organisations through providing multiple helpful resources. 


Formed November 2019 with a vision of unity and love through gospel music, initially offering free online gospel sessions to an international community. We have since gone on to provide workshops and resources for choirs around the UK and beyond, encouraging and inspiring all things gospel. We are currently working towards several projects including the joining together of eight primary schools in North East Lincolnshire, to learn and perform gospel music and inspirational songs This will culminate in a public concert at a large scale venue and event in the region. We have also supported many organizations providing gospel workshops, enabling fundraising education team building and wellbeing. 

A Group Of People singing on Zoom
Bazil Meade teaching a workshop
Helen Garnett teaching a workshop

The best is yet to come!
Our friends.

Bazil Meade MBE

Bazil Meade MBE Founder & Principal London Community Gospel Choir

Daniel Thomas A friend of For The Love Of Gospel

Daniel Thomas Founder & Principal House Gospel Choir

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Team For the Love Of Gospel
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