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Our Inaugural Project. 
For The Love Of Gospel presents
"SING For Joy Part 1 "

A short summary of our inaugural project. Details of how your school can get involved can be found below.

"FTLOG presents  "Sing For Joy Part 1" a unique chance for students from diverse backgrounds across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to unite in song and showcase their talents to each other and their loved ones. We are inviting schools from across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to get involved in "Sing For Joy Part 1"

 In taking part, school children year 5, 6 and  7 will be delivering heartening, inspirational songs, and gospel melodies accompanied by a professional live band (who play for the stars) directed by professional choir leaders in a venue fit for the stars that they are!


FTLOG motivates young people in conveying a crucial message that fosters awareness of the importance of love, hope, friendship, and community, open to children from various cultural backgrounds and faiths.

Taking Part

Comprehensive Online Resources:
Our online platform, made available to all taking part, is packed with engaging materials, making it effortless for children to learn the songs they'll sing at the Arena.

Teacher Guidance:

Our team is here to support educators in implementing these resources effectively, ensuring a seamless learning experience within the school environment.

Convenient Transportation stratergies: 

We can assist schools in arranging transportation with ease. Booking a coach simplifies the logistics, so you can focus on the performance itself. This would be at cost to the school however in some instances we can assist schools in gaining sponsorship. 


All of ur team who will be working directly with the children are fully DBS checked and we have a specific team leader with full up to date training in all areas of working with children and vulnerable adults. 

Rally Chaperone Assistance: 

Safety is paramount. Plan ahead by providing chaperones to ensure a secure and enjoyable outing for all participants. We can assist in rallying support in this area. Consult our qualified in house safeguarding officer if you need any advise in this area 

Exclusive ConneXin Live Arena Experience:

Give your students the chance to perform in a prestigious venue, creating lasting memories for both them and their families.

 Community Building: 

Coming together to sing and perform fosters a sense of community and unity among students, teachers, and parents.

Inspiration and Confidence:

Participating in such an event can boost children's self-confidence, inspire them, and encourage them to pursue their passions.

Life-Enhancing Skills:

This experience equips children with essential life skills through the sense of achievement, teamwork, and dedication involved.

Meaningful Memories:

Create memories that will last a lifetime, not just for the students but also for their families, as they witness their loved ones shine in an environment designed to lift and enthuse!

Culminating in a Special Mass Workshop with Britain’s Got Talent Stars

But that’s not all! Before the audiences arrive, we have a special treat in store for your students. Britain’s Got Talent stars, and professional full time choir directors and vocal coaches Helen and Rachel Garnett, will lead a mass workshop, infusing their talent and expertise into every participant. This unique opportunity will add an extra layer of inspiration and skill development to an already incredible event. 

Our Commitment to a Better World

At FTLOG, we are not just an event. We are a charitable organization with a mission to create a better world for all. Our specialist team of volunteers and trustees brings years of experience and a deep understanding of the transformative power of this immersive community and musical experience for children. We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of young minds and fostering a sense of unity, hope, and inspiration in every child taking part . Join us on this remarkable journey toward a brighter future.

For details of how to get your school involved in "SING For Joy Part 1"
email us at

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