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SING For Joy Part 1 
Sample Resources Pack

Welcome, music facilitators! We're excited to present a simple and effective guide for preparing your students for our upcoming performance at the Connexin Arena Hull on June 13th, 2025. Our aim is to provide a structured approach that ensures all students are well-prepared and confident for the big performance, while also allowing for flexibility in pacing and progression. Please note: Music facilitators do not need to have previous musical experience or the ability to read music. You do however need to love music!

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Cheering Fans

Step 1: Presentation and Explanation by Helen Garnett.

Start by playing a short, child-friendly presentation and explanation of the song by our creative director and founder, Helen Garnett. This sets the tone and helps students connect with the song's message and feel.

Step 1 (1).png

Step 2: Introduction to Original Artist's Version

Next, play the original artist's version of the song, in this case, Stormzy's rendition. Explain to the children that our arrangement will be different and emphasise the importance of having fun while striving for excellence.

Step 3: Learning Track.

Utilize an audio-visual guide, the learning track, for students to watch and sing along with at school. This step allows students to familiarise themselves with the song and gradually build confidence. This is just the part the children will be singing. This is the most important stage of the learning. Only move to stage 4 when you feel the children have mastered singing as close to this track as possible. Try stopping and rewinding certain sections you may feel need more work. Make a note of the location of the section using the You Tube time markers (the red sliding bar or double tap the screen to move 15s forward, tap right, or 15s backwards, tap left)

Step 2.png
Step3 .png
Step 4.png

Step 4: Sing Along with Backing Track (No Guide Vocal)

Once students have mastered their parts, they will sing along with an accompanying visual backing track provided below, without the guide vocal. This step reinforces independence and confidence in their abilities. Help the students by mouthing the lyrics in time.

Step 5.png

Step 5: Sing Along with Full Demo Version (Assessment Opportunity)

As students progress to singing along with the complete demo version of the song, including lead vocal, backing vocals, and musical accompaniment, this step serves as a valuable assessment opportunity for the music facilitator. Pay attention to how confidently students are singing their part, their accuracy, and their overall understanding of the song's structure. This assessment will guide further instruction and rehearsal to ensure students are fully prepared for the upcoming performance and to progress to the final step 6.


Step 6: Sing Along with Full Accompaniment (No Lead Vocal)

Finally, students will sing along with the full musical accompaniment and choral backing, without the lead vocal. This prepares them for the live performance with our band on June 13th, 2025. The students should feel confident to sing their part with this track. If you feel their confidence is lacking please go back to stage 3.


Each music facilitator can move through these steps at their own pace, based on their judgment of the children's readiness. However, we aim to complete one song per month, allowing ample time for rehearsal before the big performance. With this easy guide, teachers can facilitate the learning process efficiently, ensuring clear timings and expectations for all involved.


It is also extremely important that you continue to rehearse and practice the songs that you have learned, so that the children feel continued confidence with each song in the performance repertoire.


Let's make this journey to the Connexin Arena Hull a memorable and musical experience for everyone!

For details of how to get your school involved in "SING For Joy Part 1"
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